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Tony Laithwaite, founder of Laithwaite's, whose passion for wine is still going strong!


I can’t write this week. Nothing jolly at any rate. Puisseguin is the village near Bordeaux where I first worked in wine, at the Cave Coop fifty years ago. Yesterday’s bus disaster was on the road I know so well, […]


Blog break for harvest

Wine harvest dates can be hard to nail. This Spring the vines started early so harvest dates were pencilled in early; mid-September for our Bordeaux vineyards, early October for our English vineyards. Then, cool August pushed the dates back […]


Beyond the Black Sea

Tbilisi looks like it needs work done on it. Rather dusty and bedraggled with all kinds of dangerous-looking add-ons to old concrete buildings. But there are some gorgeous churches and castle-y things we won’t have time to investigate. There are […]