What wine should you drink on Pancake Day?

It’s nearly here! The one day of the year where it’s absolutely fine to chuck food around the kitchen.

On Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, we’ll all be slicking our frying pans and trying to master the perfect toss for a pancake feast.

The Christian tradition will take place on Tuesday, March 5 this year, the day before Lent begins.

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And while we’re indulging, we may as well enjoy a glass of wine or two as well.

So here are our wine pairing suggestions for whichever pancake filling you prefer.

Mushroom and Spinach

Savoury mushroom and spinach pancakes

A savoury twist for Pancake Day – mushroom and spinach pancakes

The ultimate savoury pancake filling. Mushrooms and spinach are both rich in umami flavours. This increases the sensations of bitterness and acidity, while decreasing both sweetness and fruitiness.

Umami flavours are notoriously tricky to pair wine with. However, a good rule to follow is to steer clear of wines with high levels of tannin (identified as a drying sensation in the mouth) or oak character.

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We’d recommend a Pinot Noir, like this Maison Roche de Bellene Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes 2016, or a Grenache as both are more fruity than they are tannic.

If you prefer a white wine, this Peter Weber Pinot Gris 2017 or the Pierre Brecht Gewurztraminer 2017 would also both make excellent matches as their slight sweetness will counteract the effects of the umami.

Cheese and Ham

Savoury ham and cheese pancakes

A Pancake Day twist on your lunch – ham and cheese pancakes

Most people find foods that are rich in fat, such as cheese, pair excellently with highly aromatic, acidic wines.

This bright, zesty Pouilly-Fume, Domaine de Bel Air Cuvée des Papillons 2017, with its intense lemony flavours, would be a perfect option, and so would many other Sauvignon Blancs.

Classic Lemon and Sugar

Classic pancakes with lemon and sugar

The Pancake Day classic – thin pancakes topped with lemon and sugar

This classic pancake flavour balances the sweetness of sugar and the acidity of lemon perfectly so needs a well balanced wine to match.

As a rule dishes that are high in sugar should be matched with a wine that is equally as sweet or sweeter. That’s because sugar in food can mask the fruity characters in dry wines and make them seem unpleasantly acidic.

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We love to pair our classic pancakes with a German Riesling. Labelled in terms of their sweetness, you want to be looking for something with Spätlese or Auslese on the bottle!

Sweet Agnes would also work as a super sweet style of Riesling.

American Stack

American Pancakes with bacon

Go American on Pancake Day with a stack of thick pancakes topped with crispy bacon and sticky maple syrup

Crispy, salty bacon is a winner in most people’s books, and luckily it’s also a real wine-friendly flavour.

Salt in food helps soften the harder elements in wine, so if you’re often put off by strongly tannic wines try them with salty foods.

A big punchy Barolo, like this Villa dei Ladri Barolo 2013, or the equally bold Sartirano Figli Barbaresco Riserva 2005, would be perfect with these pancakes.

Smothered in Chocolate

Pancakes with chocolate spread

Top your pancakes with rich chocolate sauce for a real Pancake Day treat

Rich, velvety and sweet, these pancaked smothered in chocolate spread are the perfect match for a Ruby Port.

Deeply coloured and intensely fruity, the Andresen Fine Ruby Port NV will make the perfect partner to your sticky, chocolatey pancakes.


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