Infra-red wine – Laithwaite’s Wine launches first ever ‘Tasting in the Dark’

tasting-in-the-dark-1Laithwaite’s Wine puts wine aficionados’ senses to the ultimate test with ‘Tasting in the Dark’ …

Wine buffs may think it’s easy to spot a Sauvignon Blanc from a Pinot Grigio, or indeed a white from a rosé, but what happens when they are asked to taste wines deprived of one of their most trusted senses; sight?

For the first time ever, Laithwaite’s Wine is giving consumers the chance to enter a tasting theatre with a difference with Tasting in the Dark: a pitch black environment that forces guests to rely on their ears, nose, mouth and touch. This is a unique opportunity to experience wine through synaesthesia – where senses overlap to create unexpected sensations – and potentially change our perception of what is being served.

Host and Master of Wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd, along with his team of sommeliers, will guide visitors around the tasting theatre with the aid of state of the art infra-red night vision goggles. Visitors will be taken through a series of intriguing taste experiments that make them rethink the way they approach wine.


Better than beer goggles – Justin Howard-Sneyd prepares for the ultimate taste test

Justin said: “This is a first in wine tasting. Deprived of sight can you now tell the colour of a wine or even if it is a wine at all? Drinkers may discover their sense of taste is accentuated or altered in the dark or that for years they have been drinking with their eyes.”

“We do, however, not advise the public to try this at home, unless they have the appropriate night vision equipment as it could lead to some unfortunate slapstick and spillages.”

Tasting in the Dark is launching at Laithwaite’s Live on 4-5th November at the Royal Horticultural Halls, although the exciting new format, if successful, will become a key feature in future flagship wine events throughout the calendar.

Tickets for the afternoon and evening shows of on 4-5th November cost £30 and can be purchased via the Laithwaite’s Wine website. As well as Tasting in the Dark, ticket holders will also be able make their way around a range of tasting zones and master classes, as well experience a virtual reality tour of a winery in Bordeaux.


About Laithwaite's Wine

Laithwaite's began in 1969, when Tony Laithwaite took a job washing bottles in Bordeaux... and fell in love with real wine and the people who make it. When he borrowed a van to share these delicious wines with friends and neighbours at home, things went so well that boutique wineries were soon queuing to take part. Today we're the UK's No.1 home-delivery wine merchant, with over 1,500 wines to choose from... including red, white and rosé, plus Champagne and sparkling, beer and cider.

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