The wines we’ve stocked up on for lockdown

It’s been a tough couple of weeks hasn’t it?

Most of us have seen little else but the inside of our own homes for the last seven days, while those who have left the house are working tirelessly to keep us safe and ensure the rest of us have the supplies we need.

The nurses, doctors and all hospital and emergency staff, supermarket stockists, check out assistants, delivery drivers and warehouse workers … they’re making us all proud.

How many of you took part in the Clap for Carers on Thursday night? We certainly did, and raised a glass in their honour too.

Which brings onto wine, a taste of normality which is bringing comfort to us during this uncertain and emotional time.

With so many of us spending more time at home demand has been high, and to protect the fantastic staff packing up your cases we had to stop taking orders briefly – we hope you understand that their safety is our main concern. But we’ve changed shift patterns and brought in new practices so we can deliver existing orders to our customers.

Once you get your wine, we’d love to see which bottles you’ve chosen to take into lockdown with you. Here’s what our staff stocked up on before they were sent into lockdown last week …

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Laithwaite's began in 1969, when Tony Laithwaite took a job washing bottles in Bordeaux... and fell in love with real wine and the people who make it. When he borrowed a van to share these delicious wines with friends and neighbours at home, things went so well that boutique wineries were soon queuing to take part. Today we're the UK's No.1 home-delivery wine merchant, with over 1,500 wines to choose from... including red, white and rosé, plus Champagne and sparkling, beer and cider.

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