Tony’s diary: Good news from our old friends down under

Another good message from the other side of the world.  

Let us know if you want hand sanitiser. We have access to raw gin! 

I reckon the old folk of Griffith … an Italian town out in the middle of nowhere, Australia are well looked after by their local winemakers. And their local winemakers are kept going by your orders! 

I’ve known Bill Calabria for years. He runs Calabria Family Wines with his family wife, Lena, their three sons, Frank, Michael and Andrew and daughter, Elizabeth. They make a delicious selection of our Aussie wines including Yarrunga Field Special Reserves and The Black Duck Durif.

Here’s a message we received from Andrew at the weekend:

“Testing times”

It has been a crazy two weeks to say the least!

We have been busy at and we are grateful for the orders that Laithwaite’s placed. This has kept us busy which a great thing during these times.

“In addition, we have kept ourselves busy as our business has retooled and started to make hand sanitiser for local medical outlets throughout the region, this includes hospitals. We have now produced over 2000Lt of sanitiser and we will continue this until the demand slows down.

We have also reached out to the elderly generation and put together care packs, which include pasta, rice, toilet paper and canned foods (all the essentials that everyone is finding hard to locate).

The Calabria family in Griffith, Australia, have been sending out care packages to elderly people in their area

It is testing times, we have to remain positive and continue working and talking with our friends, even the ones on the other side of the world! 

Thanks, Andrew

At times like this we must all come together and it’s great to see our friends in Australia leading by example.

Take care and stay safe,



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