Fifteen Years ago Today

On our way back to the U.K. last night Will’s very smart phone popped up a photo saying “Fifteen years ago today” and it was a shot of us cutting the ribbon at the Official Opening of ‘Le Chai au Quai’… which we’d just left. How do they do that?

There’s Barbara, me, the president of the CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux), and Michel the Maire of Castillon who had been my old rugby captain season 68/9? Castillon La Bataille XV – Quite a good team actually … though better now … they’re up to Nationale 2.

Opening of Le Chai au Quai, Michel Maire of Castillon, Tony and Barbera Laithwaite and the President of the CIVB

We had such a brilliant training regime back then … kick the ball around for an hour then down to the Bar Venise for a few aperitifs before sausages or horse grilled over vine embers in the back yard. All donated by supporters. Apple pie, runny Brie … and wine so volatile it made your eyes water …

Hot day here. 

Today’s Weekly Tip from the Tasting Room – ‘insider info’ is Domaine d’Estienne Provence Rosé 2021 … do nicely with a few cold prawns tonight.

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