We meet again

The Theale office has returned to something like normal. There are people here again. People I’ve not seen for two years except on a screen. There are hugs …. some quite emotional people in our Company.

In January 2020 I remember writing to you that I thought that after 50 years it was time to take it easy and hand over to the next generation. That was Not Good Timing. I did the handing over … but the ‘taking it easy’ never happened because everything promptly went frantic. And now … I don’t want to take it easy anymore … I want to keep busy.

Working from home has its advantages but I’m mad keen to leave the kitchen table. I’ve sat at it for over two years. It needed serious cleaning and is now repainted …. bright red. So I’m going to Theale… where it’s all different. I don’t own a desk there anymore. No one does. The young have decided flexible working is the thing. So I just plonk myself down at any table, booth or alcove in what now reminds me (no-one else, obvs) of a 1950’s coffee bar. Fine by me; real coffee! The shop/tasting room has also been transformed. Customers go Wow! Well worth a visit … just yards from the M4 Junction 12. Manager Eddie btw remains unchanged. They tried, but ….

Next week I’m going back to Bordeaux with customers. I hope. If it happens I’ll tell you all about it.

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Tony Laithwaite, founder of Laithwaite's, whose passion for wine is still going strong!

1 thought on “We meet again

  1. Unbelievable!

    Must be the best office in the world! 😏🙂

    If Carlsberg designed offices!

    Long may it continue


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