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Ever wonder just which foods will pair perfectly with a favourite bottle of wine? Or want to build a bank of great combinations that you can always rely on for no-fuss suppers or snacks that will hit the spot?

We asked our wine buyers for some of their favourite matches and quick ways to huge flavours. Here’s what they would choose.

Chevre goats cheese and Sancerre


Gus McLean, our fine wine buyer says, “First take the cheese and let it coat the inside of your mouth. Then drink some wine, and feel the wine’s naturally high crisp acidity cut through the fat of the cheese, to allow enjoyment of both flavours. The tangy character of both the cheese and wine also marries well.” Especially good with warm goats cheese and well chilled Sancerre.

We recommend Domaine Michel Thomas 2012 together with Crottin de Chavignol, made within miles of each other.

Firm mature Cheddar and full-bodied Bordeaux


A firm wine for a firm cheese. The salt in the cheese also brings out some sweetness in the wine.

Put Le Grand Chai Castillon Cotes De Bordeaux 2010 with Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar. An amazing year’s wine paired with a PDO cheese from the UK.

Blue and sweet


Sweet with salt – contrasting the flavour and texture of a good medium sweet or sweet wine with the saltiness and richness of a blue veined cheese like Roquefort. Enjoy the evolving flavours as one tangos with the other.

Try La Catina Demisec 2012 with Roquefort Carles or Perl Las Blue.

What’s your favourite cheese and wine match?


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