The best wine to pair with fish and chips

Fish and chips, it’s the perfect Friday night supper and most Brits’ go-to takeaway.

Whether you’re at the seaside or on your sofa, tucking into freshly battered cod and hot-out-of-the-fryer chips is a pleasure most know only too well.

And as Friday 7th June is officially National Fish and Chips Day, we’re celebrating with one of our all-time favourite food and wine matches…

What wine pairs best with fish and chips?

Champagne or course!

It may not sound like the most obvious pairing but trust us when we tell you this works.

It’s all down to the way the acidity and bubbles in the Champagne cut through the fat in the fish and chips. And if you’ve squeezed lemon juice on your cod and splashed some vinegar on your chips then the acidity from those will also complement the fizz perfectly.

Of course, if you want to be ultra patriotic (it is National Fish and Chips Day after all) you could swap the Champagne for English Sparkling Wine.

English Sparkling Wine works because it’s made using the traditional method, just like Champagne – Cava, Crémant and South Africa’s Methode Cap Classique wines would also work.

However Prosecco and Asti, which are made using modern steel tanks rather than glass bottles, wouldn’t pair as well as they have more vibrant fruit flavours. 

Five wines to try with your fish and chips

Are you celebrating National Fish and Chips Day?

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