Italian winery discovers ancient Roman history in vineyard

It’s always a joy hearing updates from our global wine produces and any stories they have to tell from the vineyards and winery and sharing them with you, especially during current times. However, we were in for a treat when our Italian wine buyer heard from one of our producers in Italy with this story.

Cantina di Negrar is a family winery located in Negrar, north of Verona in Italy. They are the producers of our much loved La Tirela Amarone della Valpolicella and Bartolomeo Lorenzi Rosso Veronese.

In May 2020, they made the news after archaeologists discovered a perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor, buried beneath one of the vineyards. Head Winemaker and Managing Director of Cantina di Negrar, Daniele Accordini, tells us more in this video.

“Hello everyone, I am Danilele Accordini, winemaker from the Negrar winery for over thirty years.

I produce wines from these beautiful hills of the Valpolicella Classica to obtain the famous wines Bartolomeo Lorenzi, La Tirela and Poggio al Lago.

One of our vineyards has recently become famous all over the world thanks to the discovery of a fantastic Roman Villa, discovered just below our vines.

The mosaics of this villa are surprising in terms of colour, cleanliness and preciousness. It is incredible to think that about two thousand years ago, still on these same hills, these fantastic wines were being drunk with unique and unrepeatable microclimates and soils.

In these unique and exclusive and long-lasting territories, I am proud to present you three great wines from the Bartolomeo Lorenzi line, an IGT, a Ripasso and an Amarone. While in the Poggio al Lago line we have Ripasso and lastly under La Tirela line an Amarone which for us represents the most important emblem of our wines”

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One thought on “Italian winery discovers ancient Roman history in vineyard

  1. What an excellent video – makes you feel you are in Italia! Superb wines, I love these. What a magnificent mosaic – reminds me of Chedworth villa near Gloucester. Just think, what will our civilization render up in 2000 years? A few broken bottles, certainly nothing exquisite like the Roman mosaics.

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