Wicked pairings for Halloween

With Halloween coming up this weekend, our team of wine buyers has turned to the infamous region of Transylvania, Romania to hand pick some frighteningly good pairings on everything from pumpkin to juicy rare beef.

Having previously been known as the homeland of Count Dracula, a vampire who himself enjoyed a glass of red, Transylvania is quickly garnering a reputation as a serious wine producer. Today, the spooky tradition continues, as a handful of wines from the region and the surrounding areas have been found to be the perfect accompaniment to the nation’s favourite Halloween foods.



Pumpkin can be enjoyed in many ways, as a soup, in a pie, or as a spooky decoration, but to enjoy it with a glass of wine, you’ll need something that is full-bodied and full of flavour. Thankfully, Romania produces peachy, ripe Pinot Grigio and the Paris Street Pinot Grigio 2014.

Rare Beef

What better way to celebrate the many tales of Count Dracula than with a succulent rare joint of raw beef? Of course, you’ll need a strong red wine to accompany this dish and the Romanian variety, Feteasca Neagra (or Black Maiden), is perfect. The Burebista Feteasca Neagra Shiraz 2014 is a deep purple in colour and oozing with plumy fruit and spice. Ironically it’s named after the famous Romanian King who banned wine and was subsequently murdered, a tale for Halloween if there ever was one!


Halloween Treats 

A light and delicate Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect accompaniment to sugary sweets and won’t overpower the strong flavours of these Halloween treats. It is almost like Sebes Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014 was bottled just for this time of year; the label depicts a ghostly figure floating over the roofs of Transylvania…

Toffee Apple

Toffee apples are a popular Halloween treat, but if you’re looking for a wine to enjoy alongside this crunchy treat, then choose a lively white, with just a touch of sweetness. Made from local grapes, Tamaioasa and Feteasca Alba, combined with international star Pinot Grigio, La Catina Demi Sec 2013 is eerily close to all these qualities.


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