Why isn’t all wine vegan?

What do you mean wine isn’t vegan, isn’t it just grapes?

Although that might be oversimplifying it just a bit, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that some wines are off limits if you’re living a vegan lifestyle.

Which is why, if you’re a vegan or just trying out a vegan diet for Veganuary, you’ll be pleased to learn that Laithwaite’s has a huge selection of vegan wines.

From the gold-medal winning Portuguese block-buster Aluado Alicante Bouschet to the superb artisan Champagne Delmotte, we’ve got a wine to suit all tastes in our vegan range. And don’t forget about our gins, whiskies, beers and ciders that are also suitable if you’re sticking to a vegan diet.

How do vegan wines differ to non-vegan wines?

Grapes are collected during the harvest at RedHeads Wine Studio in Australia
 Animal products are often used to filter impurities out of wine before it is bottled

Animal products are often used to filter out any impurities in wine. If the thought of that is enough to put you off wine for good, don’t worry. While casein (milk protein) and gelatine are used in the process to make wine, they aren’t actually included in the finished product.

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The good news if you’re hoping to cut animal products out of your diet is that other things that can be used to the same effect, including plant casein and limestone.

What’s even better news is that you can enjoy some of Laithwaite’s best-selling bottles, so take a look at what’s in our range of vegan wines.

Aluado Alicante Bouschet

Our best-selling vegan wine. Doubters called winemaker José Neiva Correia aluado (loony) when he decided to give the velvet black fruit Alicante Bouschet centre-stage in this red wine. But he has proved them wrong with his intense, almost black red Aluado Alicante Bouschet, winning  five Golds and 90 points from Wine Enthusiast over two vintages . Super rich, this wine pairs brilliantly with herby casseroles.

The Waxed Bat

The Waxed Bat is one of our best-selling vegan wines
The Waxed Bat is one of our best-selling vegan wines

Named after the bat which knocked over a candle and left prints all over winemaker Opi Sadler’s grandfather’s cellar, The Waxed Bat is a true customer favourite. With thousands of dedicated fans, this wine is super smooth making it perfect for drinking by itself, but bold enough to pair with big flavours.

Opi Malbec

The debut vintage of Opi Malbec really made a name for itself when it was crowned best Malbec in Argentina. Known by his peers as “the magician,” Opi (aka Rodolfo) Sadler has two wines permanently in our Top 20! Drink it alone or with a rich pasta dish.

Viña Tarapacá Sauvignon Blanc

Customers leave five-star reviews for every vintage of this zesty Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. Being grown in a high-up vineyard brings out all the aromatic intensity from the grapes and makes this white ultra-refreshing. Viña Tarapacá Sauvignon Blanc goes brilliantly with Far Eastern flavours so it’s perfect for pairing with Malaysian and Thai curries.

Champagne Delmotte

It's not just vegan wines, this Champagne Delmotte is suitable for vegans too
It’s not just vegan wines, this Champagne Delmotte is suitable for vegans too

Champagne might be one of the most romantic drinks you can think of, but this takes love to another level. It’s made by fifth generation wine maker Julian Fourrier, whose father, Philippe, created this special cuvée in honour of his wife, Brigitte. Her maiden name was Delmotte. The Pinot Noir grapes used in Champagne Delmotte are taken from vineyards first planted by Philippe and Brigitte – that’s romance for you.

Il Papavero Pinot Grigio

This Sicilian white is one of the best examples of Pinot Grigio you will find. Winemaker Scipione Giuliani tracked down the grapes for this wine a few years back and has found nothing to beat them since. Try Il Papavero Pinot Grigio with a light risotto for the ultimate luxury evening in.

Invivo Pinot Noir Central Otago

On New Zealand Pinot Noirs, Decanter wrote: “An essential port of call for all Pinot lovers on their quest for the perfect glassful”. Rich with dark cherry and matured in part new French oak, Invivo Pinot Noir is silky, rich and long.

The Gooseberry Bush

South African Sauvignon The Gooseberry Bush is one of the vegan wines in our range
South African Sauvignon The Gooseberry Bush is one of the vegan wines in our range

This fruity South African white is made extra juicy thanks to its blend of two grapes – Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc. The Gooseberry Bush is a great white for a party thanks to its refreshing flavours of lime zest and gooseberry but it would also go brilliantly with a spicy stir-fry.

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The Huguenot Chenin Blanc

Dazzling lemon and pineapple freshness give this South African Chenin an extra-fruity kick. Try pairing The Huguenot Chenin Blanc with spicy Thai dishes or colourful salads to really make it pop.

Castel del Lago Bianco

The grapes used to create the brilliant 95-point Castel del Lago Bianco are grown in a vineyard which slopes down towards the stunning Lake Garda. Winemaker Matteo Bernabei is a consultant for pricy top wineries by day but in his spare time creates this delicious creamy, peach white. He recommends pairing it with a melon starter or a crisp salad.

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