Happy Independence Day America: the best food and wine matches for 4th July

While in the UK we’ll be spending Thursday 4th July eagerly refreshing Google for baby Archie christening photos, there will be fireworks across the pond.

That’s because the date marks Independence Day in America, the national holiday held annually to celebrate the USA’s separation from Britain.

And although Independence Day isn’t celebrated in the UK, any excuse for a barbecue is alright by us. Just think of all those juicy cheeseburgers, spicy chicken rings and sticky ribs!

Americans across the country will be given the day off work to attend patriotic parades and parties. And of course it’s customary for groups of friends and families to get together for food and firework displays.

So in honour of Independence Day, we’ve put together our ideas for the best food and wine matches you should choose to celebrate the the 4th of July.


Read our Independence Day food and wine pairings for advice on what to eat and drink on 4th July
Tuck into a classic American cheeseburger alongside a glass of Lodi Zinfandel

For this great American classic try a supple and rich red such as this Gold Star Zinfandel.

This deep garnet red is everything a Zinfandel should be, with warm blackberry aromas and soft, supple fruit and black pepper.

It comes, not from America’s Zinfandel capital California, but from Lodi – home to amazingly approachable reds with unfailingly big, bold flavours.

Hot Dogs

Oregon’s historic Dundee Hills are top for Pinot Noir, and that’s where this glorious limited release comes from.

Inside Track is an outstanding, one-off parcel discovered by our buyer. Its winery name is top secret but we can assure you it’s one of the best, and in return for this anonymity, you get an amazing deal.

The wine is full of ripe cherry, rose petal and damson with lovely savoury length. Delicious now or for ageing.

Fried Chicken

You’d be forgiven if you thought Cabernet Sauvignon was the only grape worth talking about when it comes to Napa Valley wines.

But for a while now, savvy winemakers have been creating refreshing and zippy Sauvignon Blanc there too.

This stunning Rolling Valley Sauvignon Blanc, from top hillside vineyards across the region, is packed full of tropical fruit flavours and plenty of acidity, which is perfect for cutting through the fatty (but seriously delicious) fried chicken.

Mac & Cheese

Read our Independence Day food and wine pairings for advice on what to eat and drink on 4th July
Creamy Mac & Cheese is the all-American dish

This lavish aromatic grape is always associated with apricot flavours, and Lemon Hill Viognier doesn’t disappoint!

Fifty years ago there were 14 hectares of Viognier vines left in the world. Hidden away in France’s Rhône Valley, Viognier was available only to a lucky few. Happily, a handful of California wineries decided to breathe new life into this variety – Viognier needs a lot of sun so this was the ideal place – and today it’s a global success.

Winemaer Gloria Mercado-Martin has a reputation for her fine sparkling and white wines, so it came as no surprise that she’d had a hit with Viognier.

We love that there’s so much fruit packed into just one mouthful. And it’s never less than utterly moreish. Elegantly unoaked too.

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BBQ Ribs

Rounding off some sticky ribs with a velvety Californian Merlot sounds alright by us, and The Four Marx Brothers is up to the task!

This red offers ripe, red fruit and subtle spices on top of silky tannins. It’s easy to enjoy with food and, according to one of our five-star reviewers is “deliciously moreish”.

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