Meet the new Company Chairman

That FAQ … “Who are the Laithwaites?” has changed.

Momentous days for Tom Laithwaite, our youngest, who took over as Chairman of Direct Wines. He and his brothers now own three quarters of the Company and they are taking turns being in The Chair. Henry, our eldest, has now stood down for Tom after his three year stint. Will, will be next. Will and Henry are very attached to their own companies; Loose Cannon Beer and Harrow&Hope English Sparkling … as well as the family’s Direct Wines.

All three work well as a team … touch wood! (They fought a lot as children!) Tom has spent a chunk of his working life behind bars (pub bars, that is) in the U.K. and Australia and has also steered RedHeads (a winery plus bar… or a bar plus winery?) to its present position … along with his cousin Iain. When we say “Family Company” that’s for real. (Cousin Andrew looks after most of what comes through your letterbox).

Tom has taken over as the new chairman of Direct Wines from his brother Henry

It is this generation who are leading our charge into Sustainability. I’m keen on that myself, but it is certainly the new generation who are the motivational force. They make me very proud.

Tom also fulfilled the ambition he’s had since school; and fully opened the restored and renovated Peppard Red Lion pub. The whole expanded family (20? Ages 2 to 76) were roped-in as guinea pigs for the first test meal by Rich, the chef. And Tom paid! Thanks, son, it was all delightful. If you Google it, take care, the Californians haven’t been too quick at updating to The New Red Lion!

The new sign of the restored Red Lion pub in Peppard

Was there something else? Oh Yes! Also, Tom – at last (Covid postponed) – married the wonderful Kirsten (ex-wine buyer, now winemaking student) … making us all very happy indeed.

Busy times for our Tom. Don’t think it’ll ever slow up, son.

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