Heartfelt thanks from Prosecco maker and old friend Alessandro Gallici

We’ve just received this moving video message from northern Italy.

While we’re very happy to see Alessandro healthy in his Prosecco vineyards it’s another reminder that what we in the UK might see as a little drink to make staying in more bearable is helping keep wineries, families going.

We’ve been working with Alessandro for 20 years and he’s become a good friend in that time. He’s been a regular smiling face at our UK tasting events for many years too. Many customers will have met him in person and many, many more have enjoyed his Prosecco.

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2 thoughts on “Heartfelt thanks from Prosecco maker and old friend Alessandro Gallici

  1. My heart felt wishes go to Allessandro Gallici and his family in this difficult time. It is hard to see so many people losing their loved ones.
    We will come through this together I am sure.

    I will raise a glass of Prosecco to every one of you this Easter.

  2. What a lovely video. Have just discovered the Prosecco, have loved the Pinot for a few years. Now the thought of each bottle bought being a hug makes it even more special.

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