Pantone names Wyfold Vineyard as the official colour of English Sparkling Wine

Why paint the town red when you could choose English Sparkling?

Today the colour experts at Pantone over in the USA have acknowledged that English sparkling wine is officially ‘a thing’ … by enshrining its colour for designers, fashion houses, printers and paint makers around the world to use.

The move sees English Sparkling join the likes of Bordeaux and Champagne as acknowledged classics. Even better, Pantone chose the acclaimed Wyfold Vineyard, grown by Barbara Laithwaite, as the definitive wine. Quite an honour!

As Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute commented, “A color of its time, the tastefully elegant Laithwaite’s Wine English Sparkling recognises and symbolises the growing prominence of the English wine industry.”

After we heard the good news, bottles of Wyfold were whisked to the colour laboratories at the Pantone Color Institute in New Jersey, who praised it as “a subtle and stylishly elegant, creamy hue that quietly expresses effervescence and good taste. Young in spirit and timeless in its appeal, this natural off-white shade conveys feelings of Spring freshness and modernity. Carrying an undertone of pleasantness and geniality, the inherent warmth of Laithwaite’s Wine English Sparkling creates a sparkling yet soothing presence.”

How to paint the town English Sparkling (or at least your lounge room).

To mark this historic moment for English Sparkling, the paint makers Valspar have entered the new colour into their computers at B&Qs up and down the land so yes, you can actually go and buy yourself a tin of English Sparkling this weekend …

Here’s a sitting room that Valspar painted to show the colour off in all its glory … move over magnolia!

To celebrate, you’ll find the beautifully mature, double Gold medal Wyfold Vineyard 2013 at 10% off normal price here.

Last but not least, here’s a bit of fizzy fun that Pantone shared with us – something to get the mouth watering!

To order Wyfold Vineyard from Laithwaite’s Wine, click here.

To read more about Barbara Laithwaite’s inspirational vineyard in South Oxfordshire, click here.


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