The Red Lion

Our village ‘local’ reopens after over 3 years shut!

In 2018 the Red Lion in Peppard shut. The landlord just walked away. It remained untouched; a fully-licensed Marie Celeste, until my mate James called me to say the brewery were no longer looking for a tenant but wanted to sell the place…lock, stock and several barrels of very old beer.

The Red Lion in Peppard

Me and my brother grew up in Peppard. Went to the school opposite. I’d worked behind more than one bar in Peppard as well as several in Sydney. I like bars. So this was a challenge we could not resist. I called Mum and Dad and then my brother Will who just happens to have set up a pretty successful brewery in Abingdon; Loose Cannon. All were mad keen to back us, even though everyone else in the trade reckoned we were just plain mad. Well, let’s see.

The Peppard Red Lion opened quietly on July 1st… for drinks. When the kitchen’s finished in two weeks there’ll be a menu from our new, very experienced local chef. James already has a pub in London, and was actually born in a pub; so none of us are exactly amateurs. We know it all depends on how happy we make our patrons.

Come and test us out. Peppard is midway between Henley-on-Thames, Reading and Goring. The wine list is quite good! Visit

The Red Lion location

About Tom Laithwaite

Tom, youngest son of Tony and Barbara Laithwaite, now taking over as our Company Chairman. Worked several years in Australia, helped build the new RedHeads winery. Heavily involved recently in bringing the Red Lion pub, Peppard, back from the dead.

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