The Irene spotted in Falmouth

Lovely to have been back on board the ‘Irene of Bridgewater’ this weekend. Her current home is in Falmouth (& it suits her), where she is chartered for private sailing trips and supports a local metal health charity who are combining therapy and sailing in Cornwall.

I joined a local sailing trip and she is a beautiful as remembered … albeit a little lighter, not having a cargo of 1,000 cases 2009 ‘La Voyage du Chai au Quai’ in the hold.

Below deck, the wooden case top is hung prominently next to an archive of mementoes from previous voyages (including the Tower Bridge shot). The crew all knew all about our cargo trip back in April 2011 and pulled out the article book they keep on board to share her history and stories with intrigued guests.

Just before disembarking, I presented the current crew (top folks) with a bottle of the Le Voyage (thank you Anne). They were made up, as they seem fondly attached to their Irene. Particularly so, as they told me that the owner Leslie Morrish died earlier this year. They said they would raise a toast on board in honour of him and that this gesture from us, meant a lot to them.

It’s funny thinking back on the whole thing and that magical moment, when the Irene majestically sailed under the raised Tower Bridge. That whole adventure was a great adventure same as your previous voyages Tony, with Hugh.

Irene sailing under Tower Bridge in 2011

Must go now, it’s pasty time!


(Cornish Girl)

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