Tony’s Diary: “Your people are wonderful – where do you get them?”

“Your people are wonderful …where do you get them?” I get that wherever I go. They never tell me I’m wonderful. It’s always the lot downstairs – well, all at home now, – implying “you’re lucky to have them, don’t really deserve them and given half a chance, we‘ll steal them away”.

And now this … the assessor’s report from the Institute of Customer Service.

Throughout … I was thoroughly impressed, not only with the focus and dedication to delivering service excellence displayed by everyone, but also by the relentless focus on continuously driving improvements and finding ways to further delight their customers. This was evidenced in the noticeable increase in The Institutes ServCheck scores, retention of ServiceMark with Distinction, great customer reviews on Trustpilot and all my conversations with members of staff 

At the same time, there is no complacency. While everyone clearly enjoys what they do and have quite a bit of fun doing it, everyone is serious about doing a good job, driving improvements and delivering the best experience to their customers.

How did we get to this?

We weren’t always so nice. I was taken off the phones decades ago – “bad attitude” – but remember a small group of girls in our old, much lamented, Plymouth office announcing they were going to totally change the way we talked to customers, and, without any permission, they just did it! They could; what with Plymouth being so remote. I suppose just ‘letting people get on with it’ doesn’t always work, but it has for us. The assessor’s report earned us another one of these very rare badges.

I think I shall make copies and send them to all our dispersed homeworkers to stick above their screens. That’ll encourage them on, won’t it?

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3 thoughts on “Tony’s Diary: “Your people are wonderful – where do you get them?”

  1. Hi Grahame,

    We are really sorry to hear this. I have spoken with our customer service team and they have advised that you email them on so they can look into this in more depth. Once again, we do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Sally,

      You are able to order as little or as many bottles as you would like on our website as a one time purchase. This can be of the same wine or you can mix and match.
      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes,

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