Watercress, Willow & Wine

An illustrated celebration of English vineyards and wines paired with recipes using locally sourced ingredients.

From the picturesque vineyards of Cornwall and Dorset to the beautiful downlands of Hampshire, Sussex and Buckinghamshire, Watercress, Willow and Wine by Cindy-Marie Harvey celebrates some of England’s finest wine producers and local ingredients from land and sea. The book is a journey through a selection of Cindy-Marie’s favourite estates and recipes, illustrated throughout by South Downs Artist, Chloe Robertson.

Illustrations by South Downs Artist, Chloe Robertson

Cindy-Marie Harvey is a wine expert and owner of Love Wine Food Ltd, a private wine tour company. She has travelled continually for almost 25 years, visiting iconic wine estates across Italy, New Zealand, South America, Portugal and many more. In this book, she turns her attention to the English wine and produce on her very own doorstep as more producers open up their vineyards and wineries to visitors.

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Her relationship with Laithwaites dates back over the past quarter of a century, making great friends throughout the company, clients & their long time wine producers. From 1999,  being part of the team organising & escorting their wonderful wine cruises, on board sailing yachts around the Mediterranean through lots of spectacular wine tours (Orient Express to Venice anyone….), taking Laithwaites clients to visit their friends throughout the wine world, to the current day, still arranging the annual Confrere Private Tours to Bordeaux and Rioja. Indeed her first cruise, all those years ago, had not only Tony & Barbara Laithwaite on board but also a rather young Henry Laithwaite – so it was a lovely opportunity to come full circle and cook a recipe from the book in Henry’s own vineyard, Harrow & Hope.

Cindy-Marie Harvey and Laithwaites resident wine expert Grant Hedley, met up at Harrow & Hope vineyard to cook a Poached Pheasant with Parsnip, Pistachio and Bulgar Wheat Salad which pairs perfect with Harrow & Hope’s Blanc de Blancs.

In the book, Harrow & Hope is one of the featured estates as well as Windsor Great Park Vineyard, that Laithwaites manage for The Crown Estate, and whose delightful English Sparkling is paired with an equally regal recipe of Salmon Coulibiac. Tony, as well as Barbara, who has her own vineyard Wyfold, in Oxfordshire, have been long term supporters of English Wine, helping to promote Sparkling wines such as those made by Ridgeview, who also feature in the book. So who better to write the forward for this book celebrating English Wines! 

Watercress, Willow and Wine combines Cindy-Marie’s wine expertise with her love of food. Her believe in the Slow Food philosophy (‘Good, Clean and Fair’) has led her to discover new artisan producers, she explains; “Getting to know in-depth the local regional foods of Europe and beyond due to my travelling, oddly enough brought me closer to seeking out fabulous British foods at home”.

Broken down chapter by chapter into some of England’s finest wine regions, the book also shines a light on these home-grown delicacies. Wine from each vineyard is paired with recipes that complement one another. Cindy-Marie explains how “For me food and wine are intrinsically linked, each having the capacity to make the other even better when matched well… this is the golden age of discovery for wine lovers and foodies alike.”  

English wine has a blossoming reputation for world class Sparkling wines, and as well as these, the book showcases how food friendly the still English are – from enticing Pinot Blancs and seductive Pinot Noirs! Cindy-Marie believes that there is a growing trend as people learn that fizz is not just for an aperitif, but can be enjoyed throughout a meal – with the right pairing. 

Cindy-Marie is looking forward to the Laithwaites Vineyard Partners Event at Harrow & Hope on 2nd September, where she will be signing her book, and happy to chat food, wine, recipes and why Fish & Chips with English Sparkling is one of the true food matches made in heaven!

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