Move over glass bottles, it’s all about canned wines

With summer officially here, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends now that lockdown restriction are being lifted. Think picnics in the park and beach days. All those outdoor activities we know and love are back and we’ve got the perfect companion to take along with you.

Introducing our favourite wines, now in handy cans. Canned wines are here to stay – a new trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down. Far from being just a fad, these versatile cans offer a great way to enjoy delicious wines at a moment’s notice.

Reasons why we love canned wine…

  • Canned wine is convenient. We’ve all had those moments when we’ve over packed for our picnic in the park, lugging heavy bottles around. Cans are light and fit snugly in your cool bag, and with no corkscrew or glass required, you can sip straight from the can.
  • They’re quick to chill: pop a can in the fridge and it’s cold in no time. Cans are air-tight too, keeping your wine fresh and delicious.
  • Cans are perfect for those who live solo or for the moments when you just fancy a glass of wine and don’t want to open a whole bottle.
  • They’re super recyclable. After your days out, take home your empties, drop them in the recycling … simple, clean and green.

Our top picks

Laithwaites Sauvignon Blanc – £2.99 a can

In 1995, we launched this revolutionary Bordeaux white and immediately won a prestigious Trophy. Award winning winemaker Jean-Marc has been fine tuning it ever since. Ready to go in an easy-to-chill handy can, sip on its grassy, citrusy freshness.

Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc – £2.99 a can

Touraine winemaker Noël Bougrier searches out the best grapes for this tongue tingling, citrusy, aromatic white that now comes in a handy can. Lemony fresh and super grassy the 2020 vintage received high praise from critics scoring Gold this year.

Abbesse Rosé – £2.99 a can

Lush summer berry fruit abounds in this delightfully crisp rosé, crafted at Noël Bougrier’s Loire cellar. Here it’s presented to you in a handy can. Peachy pink and exhilaratingly fresh it’s enticing with juicy strawberry and tart raspberry flavours.

Le Malbec d’Hervé – £2.99 a can

The man behind favourites such as Cabalié to Chante Claire, Hervé Sabardeil, brings us his Malbec in a new formation. This easy going Malbec is filled with red and black fruit tinged with herbs and liquorice. Sip the silky berries from a cool can.

Violette de Mireval – £3.75 a can

If you like your rosés to be zesty crisp with the delicate berry fruit of Provençal pinks, you will love this summer ripe rosé in a can. Crafted by the talented American winemaker Nicole McPheeters using the local Négrette grape, it’s oh so moreish.

Private Beach Sparkling Rosé – £8.99 4 cans

When you want some light, fun refreshment at the beach, on a picnic or wherever, make sure you have a few cans of Private Beach chilled down. Crisp, berry fruit rosato with spritz. Four cans of thirst quenching fun.

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