Château La Clarière…The August Nine

This month – August ‘22 – Nine Confrères have written in our visitor book…already! I managed to get into the château this morning with the cleaner and looked in the book…nine rave reviews…I copied some highlights…I just HAD to…hope they won’t mind…

1 “Fabulous, perfect in every way…”

2 ”The quality and ambience of the chateau surpassed my expectations…”

3 “…beautifully renovated & is a joy to be in…”

4 “…the serenity of this place is extraordinary…”

5 “…has been magical …”

6 “…everything was perfect…”

7 “…what an absolutely stunning, beautifully renovated & luxuriously finished home. We say ‘home’ because it feels just that…”

8 “Le Chateau is complete class.Thanks to the whole team…”

9 “The chateau is absolutely fabulous the attention to detail is superb…”

You can probably imagine how I feel! Our Château is small… winery, barrel hall, museum-cellar, but only two bedrooms sharing a big ‘Salle’ and kitchen. But it is clearly loved. 

I just want to point out that what is being said about the Château can also be said about its wine.

The Château is our wine rendered in stone. Our wine is also “fabulous, a joy, magical, perfect, luxuriously finished, complete class” and the attention to detail is superb.

I can say that because, you see, the same people – the team – have done both. I salute them all! 

Book for next year now. Confreres and their friends only. 

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