Laithwaites Festive Pours: Cheese and Wine Night 

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?  

For us wine nuts at Laithwaites, we believe each moment in the lead up to the big day is worth savouring. From the first Christmas film you watch to the last-minute gift-wrapping marathon on Christmas Eve … and everything in between! 

But one of the best moments (in our humble opinion) is the get-together with friends. No fanfare is necessary, nobody needs to cook a big meal, just open up a good bottle of wine and tuck into a cheeseboard. 

And it’s not surprising to us that one of the questions we’re asked most throughout December is which wines to serve alongside cheeses. 

Fortunately, we’re well connected, so our go-to wine guy Grant Hedley teamed up with cheese expert Sam Wilkin to share some suggestions. 

Light, fresh and acidic cheeses 

For this pairing you want to be thinking about a goat cheese or something similar. Something that’s light, incredibly fresh and with plenty of acidity. 

We’d pair this cheese with a wine that matches all of the above descriptors, a Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice … we love Hunter’s Home Block Sauvignon Blanc

Both are light and bright, and often deliver notes of lemon which make them a match made in heaven. 

Bloomy rind cheeses 

Camembert and brie are both bloomy rind cheeses, categorised by their white, downy rind. They’re soft and creamy with deep savoury flavours which pair brilliantly with a light, fresh red like a Beaujolais. 

For this pairing we’d go for something like this Fleurie Les 3 Madones which has lots of fruit flavours and aromas to balance out the savoury aspects of the cheese. 

Hard cheeses 

Mountain cheeses, alpine cheeses, and really all firm, cow’s milk cheeses such as cheddar, blend sweet and savoury flavours with nuttiness. Because it’s they can be so complex, they need an equally interesting wine full of character to match. 

For this pairing we’ve chosen La Voute, an oaked Chardonnay with similar tasting notes to the cheese. Chardonnay grown in a sunnier climate leans more toward tropical fruit flavours, and that’s where this match really works … think cheddar and pineapple on a stick! Alternatively, to add a bit of sparkle to your cheeseboard, why not try Roche Lacour Cremant de Limoux

Wash rind cheeses 

Salty, savoury, pungent and aromatic are all words you could use to describe brine washed cheeses. They’re usually incredibly creamy and sticky … as well as stinky! 

They pair beautifully with a cheese which is intensely flavoured but fresh, with layers of perfumed fruit character. We’ve chosen Purple Owl Pinot Noir but you could also go with an orange wine such as The Future’s Bright

Blue cheese 

Stilton, gorgonzola and Roquefort are among the most well-known blue cheeses, and they all have big, bold, salty flavours.  

The best wine match for a blue cheese is undoubtedly a sweet wine, and for this we’ve gone with the king of all dessert wines … the gloriously sticky L’Epiphanie de Sauternes. Or, if dessert wines aren’t your thing, we’d recommend Pillastro Primitivo.  

Take a look at the other Festive Pour moments we’re celebrating this month, from putting the Christmas tree up, surviving the office party and, of course, the all-important roast turkey feast. 

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