National Prosecco Day: Our top picks

Thursday 13th August marks National Prosecco Day… and who doesn’t love a glass of chilled Prosecco? The sparkling wine from northern Italy is becoming ever increasingly popular and is one of the UK’s favourite bubbly drinks amongst Champagne and Cava. Prosecco offers great value alongside great quality and is the perfect pour for an aperitif, with a picnic on a sunny day, alongside nibbles at a dinner party and even to toast a wedding. We’ve chosen our top Proseccos for you to add to your next order.  

Alessandro Gallici Prosecco

£13.99 a bottle*

We’ve been working with Alessandro Gallici since 2002 and he just loves making wine and produces numerous top quality Proseccos for us. This popular dry Prosecco is elegant, creamy textured and gently fizz and gives off tastes of ripe apple, pears and citrus. You can purchase Gallici’s Prosecco to try yourself here.

Paolo Sacchetto, producer behind Fili Prosecco

Fili Prosecco

£14.99 a bottle*

Fili is one of our most elegant Proseccos – a creamy, light, steady mousse with delicate apricot fruit. This Prosecco is quality driven and splendidly delightful… and moreish! The producer behind this, Paolo Sacchetto, is based in the Prosecco region of Veneto where he uses the latest methods to produce this extra dry style fizz. Order your bottle of the award-winning Fili Prosecco and chill it to enjoy on a hot, Summer day.

Ca’ Bolani Prosecco                     

£11.99 a bottle*

Ca’ Bolani is one of the most stylish Proseccos you’ll ever taste. It’s made entirely from their premium estate grown grapes in Friuli, Italy’s top white wine region. The winemaker behind this award-winning Prosecco, Marco Rabino, favours the frizzante style – a gentle mousse rather than the full fizz of Champagne, it’s light, zippy and refreshing with crisp pear and citrus flavours.

Tarvisium Prosecco

£13.99 a bottle*

Tarvisium is the old name for Treviso, the closest town to the cellar behind this bubbly. They work closely with the small growers of the region to ensure they receive the highest quality grapes come vintage time. Pour yourself a glass of this Prosecco and you’ll get tastes of citrus freshness with a creamy mousse fizz. It’s deliciously moreish and perfect for all sorts of celebrations. Pick up a bottle of Tarvisium Prosecco for your next celebration.

*Prices correct as of Wednesday 12th August 2020.

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