The Flying Scotsman

Earlier this year we lost a tireless and very popular manager in our Distribution Centre or ‘Cellars’ in Gloucester. Dave McLeod acquired the title of The Flying Scotsman because he seemed able to be everywhere at once so it was generally assumed he could really fly.  

Packing cases of wine is arduous work as you realised when you first heaved in one of our cartons…especially those 15’s! Well, our guys frequently do that for eleven hours a day. They have trolleys but those carry a dozen cartons or more. Heavy. So we installed what is known as a palletiser. This is rollers that look like railway lines with a shunting yard and is pretty impressive… and does alleviate a lot of the hard work. 

Dave worked on getting this trackway installed. It began work just in time to enable us to cope with the Covid surge in orders, described as “like the Christmas rush all year round”. And it’s still going…like a train.  

His mates wanted to be sure Dave wasn’t forgotten. So yesterday the Palletiser was officially renamed ‘The Flying Scotsman’ and Dave’s cheery face is up there for all to see.   

Next time your case arrives quickly and promptly as usual it’ll have been due to The Flying Scotsman’ and always will be.   

the Palletiser at the DC

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