Tony L’s Bin End Six…Last chance before they go

So…over the last six days I have written about six wines;

Reds…from 1 the remote Atacama valley of Elqui, 2 a hugely popular blend from three appellations around Hermitage, and 3 a special Argentina Malbec.

Whites…1 a white made from classic Cabernet red grapes, 2 (for comparison), a white made from the ‘new’ white grape variety ‘Cabernet Blanc’ 3 a crisp sparkling white from the most unlikely place; La Mancha

All but one are about to run out. Down to the last few bottles. When this happens our Daisy sends a note round the office so we can get these last bottles at ‘cost-plus’. I just thought it would be fair to include you keen – but not too numerous – folk who actually read my blogs and give you a tip off …plus a bit more background in my blogs…it’s been a quiet week for me. 

Then, at the suggestion of my keenest fan; Teresa…that’s Dame Teresa, now, so I pay attention…I’ve got them all put in a box and here I am offering it to you: Six really interesting wines. With good bottle age and a sacrificial ‘bin end’ price. Do order…if we sell out it will encourage me to do this again sometime…we always have bin ends!

Buy my Bin End Six

Read my blogs on each of the wines:

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1 thought on “Tony L’s Bin End Six…Last chance before they go

  1. Presidenthank you so much for delivering my President 15,wow such a magnificent wine.My red stock was low so I welcomed this delivery.Delicious full bodied red from southern france I applaud you as wine merchants…please keep it up.G.Hayes

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