Why you should try Moldovan fizz

Did you spot one of our wines on James Martin’s Saturday Morning?

Our Cuvée Aleksandr NV featured in Oz Clarke’s round-up of Moldova – a country the size of Wales but with the same number of vineyards as Australia!

In fact, wine is so embedded into the country’s lifestyle that 25% of its citizens work in either vines or wines.

Historically Moldova was known for supplying the Russian court with its table wines, earning itself the nickname “Wine of the Tsars”. But after decades cut off from the East, Laithwaite’s was the first to introduce Moldovan wines to the UK.

“Fruity, dry and lemony,” said Oz of this wine named in honour of Tsar Aleksandr I, the man who loved sparkling wine so much he introduced his own local version of Champagne to Moldova 200 years ago.

Employing the taste buds of three guests from Manchester, the panel also picked up hints of roasted orange and declared it would make a great “party fizz”.

Try Cuvée Aleksandr for yourself. Pick up a bottle at your nearest Laithwaite’s Wine store or order it online.