Cool off in the heatwave with a wine slushy

With the UK expected to see its hottest day on record this week, we’ve been thinking of ways to cool off.

Temperatures are expected to reach 39°C in parts of southern England on Thursday 25th July – and we reckon not even a well-chilled Sauvignon Blanc will cool us down!

So we put our thinking caps on to come up with a way to survive the heatwave and came up with a chilling idea … grown up slushies and ice lollies!

So quit your wine-ing and follow our recipes for instant refreshment!


Cool off during the heatwave with a wine ice lolly
Freeze your favourite wine into an ice lolly to help you cool down during the heatwave

What you’ll need:

  • Ice lolly moulds
  • Your favourite wine (low alcohol will work best!)

How to make it:

This couldn’t be easier – simply pour your chosen wine into the ice lolly moulds and freeze until solid. Strictly for adults only!

Off-piste peach bellini

Keep cool during the heatwave by making a wine slushy
Try freezing a peach bellini to keep cool in the scorching heat

What you’ll need:

  • One whole peach sliced and frozen
  • One glass of Prosecco
  • A handful of ice cubes
  • Grenadine

How to make it:

Easy peasy, cut the peaches into slices and pop them into the freezer until they’re frozen solid. Once they’re ready pop them into a blender with a glass of Prosecco and the ice and whizz up until you’ve got a bellini slushie! Pour into a glass, drizzle over some grenadine and enjoy!


Keep cool during the heatwave by making a wine slushy
Frozé … it’s what you call frozen rosé!

What you’ll need:

  • A cup of strawberries or raspberries (the choice is yours) sliced and frozen
  • One glass of your favourite rosé – we like this sweet White Zinfandel
  • A handful of ice cubes

How to make it:

Pop the frozen fruit, ice and the wine into a blender and pulse until it forms an refreshing, icy purée. Pour into a large glass and enjoy in the sunshine!

Snowy Sangria

Keep cool during the heatwave by making a wine slushy
Quench your thirst with this icy sangria

What you’ll need:

  • A cup of mixed, frozen berries
  • One glass of red wine
  • A handful of ice cubes

How to make it:

Surely you get the idea now… throw everything into a blender and blitz it up until all the ice is broken! Drink before it melts!

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